How To Layer Area Rugs On Carpet

The next thing you do after having your hard surface floors installed is to find that perfect area rug to complete your room. But, if you have wall-to-wall carpet in a room, you may not have even considered adding an area rug.

How To Layer Area Rugs On Carpet

After all, carpeting gives you softness and comfort underfoot, warmth, and reduces noise, all benefits of placing an area rug on flooring such as hardwood, laminate, vinyl, or tile. It may seem redundant to add an area rug. So, it may surprise you to find out it’s not.

An area rug is a great addition to any room, no matter the type of flooring, and that includes carpet. So, what are the benefits to adding an area rug to carpet?

Area rugs add extra softness and comfort underfoot, provide extra warmth, and help reduce noise, of course, and they also add style, design flare, color, textures, and help tie your space together. Area rugs are also easy to change seasonally or to change out to update or refresh your style.

We carry a large assortment of carpet and area rugs so that you can mix and match to combine a space that is uniquely yours.

Choose Contrasting Colors and Patterns

In interior design, it’s always good practice to choose contrasting colors and patterns to create visual interest, but it becomes even more important when layering a rug on carpet. Most likely, your wall-to-wall carpet will be a shade of neutral, whether you prefer grays, browns, or creams. So, your area rug is a chance to bring your accent color into your flooring. If your carpet is a light color, choose a dark or bold area rug. If your carpet is a richer color, go for a lighter or more neutral rug. If your carpet is a solid color, you may want a patterned rug to create a focal point. If you have a patterned carpet, choose a solid-colored rug to create balance.

Create Textural Interest

Texture is a design element that should not be overlooked in your home. Layering an area rug on carpet will create textural interest in your room. Generally, wall-to-wall carpet is short-pile or looped so you’ll want an area rug that is thick and luxurious to add softness and elegance. If you have a room with plush carpet, you’ll want a woven rug or a shorter-pile option to create contrast. If you have a super soft type of carpet or long-pile carpet, you may want to skip the rug all together to avoid bunching, which is a trip hazard.

Consider Shape and Size

Just like when buying a rug for a hard surface floor, you need to consider the shape and size of your rug before layering it on carpet. You’ll want to avoid floating rugs and opt for a size and shape that can sit under furniture. Rugs are great to define a space within a room, such as the seating area within a living room or den, or under the table in your dining room. You may also opt for a circular or oval rug to help add variety to a room.

Refresh Your Style

Area rugs are a great way to update your room and refresh your style without replacing your flooring. Flooring is an investment that lasts decades. So, choosing a neutral carpet, allows you to add rugs and change them out more frequently for a new look without a complete remodel. You can also change out rugs seasonally. For example, during the summer you may want something lighter and brighter, while in the fall you may want a rug that is darker and warmer. Layering area rugs on carpet allows you this flexibility.

No matter your flooring type, adding an area rug is always a good idea. Layering an area rug on carpet can add visual interest through colors, patterns, styles, and textures. It is also easy to switch out your area rugs, meaning you can change your look with each passing season. Depend on us at in , to help you find the perfect carpet and area rug for your room.

The Best Flooring For Your Laundry Room

When it comes to the laundry room, many prioritize functionality over style. What if there was a way to bring style and substance into your laundry room without sacrificing durability or functionality? When it comes to the flooring of your laundry space, this is most certainly a possibility. At Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc in , NC, we have many excellent flooring options for your dining room.

The Best Flooring For Your Laundry Room

Laminate Flooring

Laminate offers ease of installation and a fairly low price tag. Available in a variety of styles, colors, and designs, laminate has remained a household staple for decades. When it comes to laminate flooring, its lack of required maintenance makes it an ever-attractive option for the laundry room where messes frequently occur. With that said, laminate is much more sensitive to water damage so that’s something to be aware of. Should your washing machine leak, overflow, or experience any other type of water-based issue, your laminate flooring might be vulnerable. With that said, laminate is still a solid option for laundry rooms as it can take on a fair amount of wear and tear while still looking great.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is an attractive and incredibly durable flooring option for your laundry room. Easy to install, luxury vinyl is another relatively inexpensive flooring option that offers an overall minor amount of required maintenance. One of the major benefits of vinyl is that it is made from almost entirely waterproof materials. There is a small possibility that if water spills occur that the liquid could make its way into the sub-flooring, but if installed correctly there is minimal chance of this happening.

The Best Flooring For Your Laundry Room

Tile Flooring

When it comes to durability and beauty in flooring, tiles is one of the first materials that come to mind. Whether porcelain, ceramic, or natural stone, tile flooring is a fantastic option for laundry rooms due to its ability to look great while remaining highly functional. Tile flooring is easy to clean should laundry messes or liquid spills occur on the flooring. And if properly sealed, tile flooring is waterproof. Available in a wide range of styles, patterns, colors, and designs, tile flooring allows homeowners to personalize the flooring of their laundry space.

No matter what you’re laundry flooring needs, the team at Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc in , NC, is here to help. Shop laminate, luxury vinyl, tile, and more today!

How To Use Warm and Cool Tones To Choose New Flooring

Your flooring choice helps set the tone for the room and should be taken into consideration in the overall design of your home. There are several decisions to make based on your preference, style, and lifestyle: Hard surface or soft? Pattern or solid? Focal point or background?

How To Use Warm and Cool Tones To Choose New Flooring

And, of course, you’ll need to decide on color.

Colors are one of the most important elements to designing a room, but they are often the most difficult to finalize.

When you choose your interior design color scheme, you will need to consider your flooring, furniture, and wall color, as well as your accents and décor, to help you design a space that is aesthetically pleasing and evokes the feeling you want.

Warm tones – such as reds, yellows, golden hues – will help create a space that is inviting, stimulating, and exciting. Cool tones – such as blues, greens, and grays – create a space that is calming, serene, and relaxing.

Flooring is available in a wide selection of warm or cool tones. Whether you are wanting to add a layer of comfort with carpet, the timeless beauty of hardwood flooring, the durability and style of laminate or vinyl flooring, the elegance of tile, or bring your room together with an area rug, in , has flooring perfect for you and the vibe you’re after.

Inviting Warm Tones

How To Use Warm and Cool Tones To Choose New Flooring

In general, warm tones are thought of as bright, vibrant, and bold. But warm tones also include off-whites, creamy colors, and browns. They create a space that is perfect for entertaining, socializing, and gathering. Warm tones are ideal for living rooms, dens, outdoor living spaces, dining rooms, and anywhere else you plan to entertain guests or encourage socializing.

When it comes to your flooring, you will likely want to move closer to a neutral with warm undertones as opposed to a bright color on your floor. Save the bright reds, oranges, and yellows as an accent color, such as a rug, throw pillows, or even an accent wall. If you want a hard surface floor, cherry, mahogany, or maple hardwood floors are a great option. If you prefer the durability – and affordability – of laminate or luxury vinyl flooring, choose flooring that mimics the look of cherry, mahogany, or maple. If you prefer the lush feel of carpet underfoot, you’ll want taupe, a creamy color, or possibly even a shade of light gold.

Calming Cool Tones

How To Use Warm and Cool Tones To Choose New Flooring

Cool tones have been the interior design go-to in recent years with rooms featuring white and gray color schemes. Cool tones are often thought of as more subdued, but that’s not always the case, as blues and purples can be bold. Cool tones create a space that tends to be more tranquil and relaxed. They are ideal for private rooms, such as your bedroom or bathroom. Using lighter colored cool tones can also make smaller spaces seem larger and more open.

Just as with warm tones, you’ll likely prefer a more neutral flooring color with cool undertones. This means you’ll opt for grey, griege, or even whitewashed or light washed flooring. If you’re interested in hardwood, white oak, or even walnut that has hints of purple undertones, will work. If you are looking at laminate or vinyl flooring, choose designs that feature a gray, white, or understated blue. When it comes to carpet, grays and blues, or off-whites with a blue undertone, will be your best choice. Choose area rugs, drapes, and other décor, with more obvious shades of blues, silvers, or violet to complement the cool tons in your room.

Why not both?

You can absolutely mix both warm and cool tones. Mixing your tones can create a visually stimulating contrast in your room. Just make sure you’re not choosing colors that will clash or that are too similar. You likely wouldn’t want a peach rug on top of a floor with yellow undertones, for example.

Also, many colors have varying shades that can fall either more on the warm side or the cool side. Green can be warm if it is more on the yellow side, such as with lime green.

Of course, as with any design, these aren’t rules but guidelines. So, choose the tones you like that are best for each space. Whether you like warm or cool tones in your room, or a mix of both, we, at in , , have floors to match! We can help you find the best floor to see your vision for your home come to life.

The Top Flooring Options For Pet Owners

For many of us, pets are a very important part of our lives. Whether we are talking about our Labrador, our house cat, or our child’s hamster, pets are an important part of our family and because of this, they end up spending significant amounts of time inside of our homes. But even the most well-trained pets are prone to the occasional accident. With this in mind, pet owners need durable and easy to clean flooring.

The Top Flooring Options For Pet Owners

The team at Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc in , NC is here to help you find the best flooring options for you and your pets. These are the best flooring options for pet owners:

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

High-quality engineered hardwood is another incredibly pet-friendly flooring option. Engineered hardwood is considerably more water-resistant than traditional hardwood flooring, promoting easier cleanups and less overall maintenance. Engineered hardwood also comes at a lower price than actual hardwood but offers much of the same beauty. All in all, it’s a great option for pet owners.

Laminate Flooring

The Top Flooring Options For Pet Owners

Laminate is a solid flooring option for pet owners. With its built-in scratch-resistant technology, laminate flooring will not fall victim to damage from claws and paws walking across the floor. It’s a very durable flooring. In addition to its scratch-resistance, laminate can withstand liquid spills and messes effectively. Simply by wiping up pet-related messes promptly, homeowners with laminate flooring can avoid the long-term damage that could come as a result of pet-related accidents.

Tile Flooring

Both durable and attractive, tiles flooring is a great option for pet owners that can withstand the daily wear that comes with our furry friends. Resistant to water and low maintenance, tile is ideal for pets as mishaps can be wiped away. Also worth mentioning, tile flooring can last for decades if properly cared for.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Another low maintenance option, vinyl provides homeowners with a durable and stylish flooring option. Both water-proof and scratch/stain resistant, luxury vinyl is more than able to take on whatever your pet presents. More than that, luxury vinyl is a resilient and comfortable flooring solution for both you and your pets. Walking on luxury vinyl will prove very comfortable for your pet’s paws and joints.

The next time you are looking to update your flooring, consider opting for something that aligns with your pet-friendly lifestyle. Come and see the team at Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc in , NC to satisfy your pet-friendly flooring needs.

How To Choose Between Hardwood and Laminate

How To Choose Between Hardwood and Laminate

The differences between hardwood and laminate flooring goes beyond simple cost and personal taste. While most homeowners think of hardwood as the cream of the crop and laminate as a consolation prize, that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Both types of flooring have their pros and cons, which is why we’ve put together a few quick questions to ask yourself before you decide which style is right for your home.

Do You Have Pets?

If you have a dog, cat, or any other animal with sharp claws and lots of fur, laminate is a better bet for your floors. Not only is it harder to scratch, it’s also water-resistant, so accidents are easy to clean up. Hardwoods, on the other hand, are more vulnerable to scratches, and the smell of animal waste can cling to the wood even after washing.

Are You Trying To Improve Your Home’s Resale Value?

While new floors of any kind can add to your home’s resale value, hardwoods have become increasingly popular among homebuyers. Not only will hardwoods improve your home’s value more than laminate will, they may also attract buyers who otherwise might not be interested.

Hardwood floors typically yield a 75% return when it comes time to sell your home. But with proper care and maintenance, that percentage could be even higher.

Will You Install It Yourself?

Seasoned DIYers can handle almost anything a project throws at them, but some things are easier than others. In this case, laminate is significantly easier to install than hardwood, and errors are less expensive to correct. If you plan on performing your own installation, we recommend you stick with laminate floors.

Is This Your Forever Home?

Hardwoods don’t just improve your resale value, they’ll also last a lifetime. Unlike laminate floors, which may need to be replaced in as soon as ten years, hardwoods can last as long as your home still stands. All you need to do to keep them healthy and beautiful is keep up with regular maintenance and, periodically have them refinished. So, if you plan on spending decades in this home, we recommend hardwood floors.

Still not sure which style of flooring is right for you? Contact our experts in , for guidance from the team you can trust. And if you’ve decided, take a look at our online selection and find the right floors for your home today.

Authenticity Is In: Aged Surfaces are Trending in 2022

Everyone loves the shine of newly laid floors, but you don’t want your house to look like everybody else’s, and newer isn’t always better. As with manual transmission and aged wine, showing your age isn’t just authentic: it’s attractive. That’s why we’re keeping an eye on the 2022 trend in aged surfaces like distressed and reclaimed hardwood. These tasteful styles can give your home a hand-crafted, well-loved look.

Authenticity Is In: Aged Surfaces are Trending in 2022

Try Distressed Hardwoods for a Vintage Style

Nothing defines a home quite like hardwood flooring. They add warmth, stability, and refinement to every room they’re laid in. But that doesn’t mean your hardwoods have to look just like the neighbor’s.

Modern distressed hardwoods can be manufactured with all the durability and refinement of 21st century innovations, while retaining that weathered, old world look. This empowers trendsetters to embrace a rustic flair without paying the high price that reclaimed wood demands.

Go Eco-Friendly With Reclaimed Wood

The desire for reclaimed hardwood is a growing trend that’s exploded in popularity recently. Most buyers choose reclaimed wood for its textured, old world aesthetic, and its benefits to the environment. Since reclaimed wood is reused, picking this stylish option spares a few more trees, slowing deforestation.

However, the process that turns reclaimed wood into something useable for flooring or decor also makes the material more expensive than typical hardwoods. Buyers have to decide if true authenticity and care for forests are worth the bigger price tag.

Authenticity Is In: Aged Surfaces are Trending in 2022

Hand-Scraped Laminate Adds Age

For all the style and flair of distressed hardwood without the cost, consider hand-scraped laminate floors. Modern technology can give laminate floors the groove patterns and appearance of distressed hardwoods without compromising when it comes to price and durability.

When you choose distressed hardwoods and hand-scraped laminates, your home gets more than just an authentic look. Done right, this vintage flooring style can provide homeowners with a touchstone to traditional practices and styles that are often lost in an increasingly new and shiny world. Whatever floors you select will define your home, so consider this trendy yet retro option for its cozy, nostalgic aesthetic.

Ready to get started on your next project? Choose the experts at Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc in Winterville, NC! We carry a wide selection of hardwood and laminate flooring options, so contact our team today and tell us about your latest project!

Black and White Flooring is Back: How to Make this Trend Work in your Home

Black and white flooring is making a comeback this year. The retro look ties together vintage and modern style perfectly, while also adding elegance and sophistication to your home.

Black and white flooring is incredibly versatile. Though a checkerboard pattern is common, there are many options and patterns to choose from so you can design a space that you’ll love.

Black and white is most often used in a bathroom, kitchen, or an entryway, but the possibilities are limitless.

Black and White Flooring is Back: How to Make this Trend Work in your Home

Black and white flooring can work in most homes and for most budgets. Whether you want classic tile, the durability and affordability of luxury vinyl tile (LVT), or even an area rug, there is a way to incorporate this trend. Our flooring and design experts at in , are here to help find the flooring that’s best for you.

Create a Backdrop

Black and white flooring can be the perfect backdrop that helps highlight your furniture and décor. The repeating black and white patterns create beautiful lines for your eyes to follow through a room leading to a focal point. A black and white checkerboard is the obvious pattern to create this ambience, but you don’t have to limit yourself to a checkerboard. You can choose other repeating geometric black and white patterns, such as chevron, hexagons, or circles to create the perfect look to complement your style. There is a wide variety of sizes in those patterns as well.

Create a Focal Point

Your flooring doesn’t always have to take the back seat to other design elements. You can also choose to highlight your flooring as a focal point in the room. This is where high-design black and white tile or black and white luxury vinyl tile can really make an impact. Choose a more intricate design, such as a floral design or more intricate diamond pattern. Since tile comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can truly customize the pattern of your black and white floors. Black and white floors add texture and more visual interest that pulls the eye in, no matter which pattern you choose. Also, a black and white patterned area rug can make a fashion statement. An area rug is a great idea to incorporate this trend because rugs are so easy to exchange and upgrade. Plus, they add comfort and protect your flooring.

Create a Color Palette

Because black and white are neutral colors, using them on for your flooring also allow you to play with color. You can choose almost any accent color to match the classic pairing. Go bold with a brightly colored area rug or runner in your entryway to make a statement as guests enter your home. Choose red or golden yellow accents in your kitchen. Or tone down the floors with a soft grey or sky blue in your bathroom to create an oasis. Create a romantic ambience and go dark with a deep charcoal and burgundy so you can escape to your favorite room. Black and white creates the perfect base for you, no matter your style or desired look.

No matter your style, in , carries a black and white flooring option that will work for you and your home. Black and white is a classic combination that allows you versatility to create the look you want, whether you want your floors to be a background element or a focal point. Plus, black and white flooring provides you with a neutral color palette so you can create the feel you desire. Contact us to being your flooring project today!

3 Great Eco-Friendly Flooring Options For Your Home

3 Great Eco-Friendly Flooring Options For Your Home

The days of bland eco-friendly flooring options are over. These days, consumers are actively shopping green, resulting in major flooring companies expanding their eco-friendly options. At Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc in Winterville, NC, we feature a number of environmentally conscious flooring choices that we know you’ll love.

Here are 3 great eco-friendly flooring options for your home:

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring is made from natural wood and features many of the benefits of actual hardwood flooring. However, because of the way that it is produced, engineered hardwood is actually more sustainable than solid hardwood flooring.

Engineered hardwood is constructed of layers of natural hardwood and plywood, with each being layered together in a different direction. This tiered structure allows engineered hardwood to have increased durability enabling it to last for many years, sometimes decades. It also boasts increased temperature resistance, adding to its overall lifespan. Engineered hardwood is simpler to install than hardwood flooring, too, thus reducing the required resources.

3 Great Eco-Friendly Flooring Options For Your Home

Stone Flooring

Stone flooring offers homeowners a timeless and incredibly sustainable flooring material. As a natural product, stone requires minimal resources to produce. Due to its durability, stone flooring can last up to 100 years if properly cared for. Ensuring that your stone flooring comes from a local provider will further reduce your carbon footprint. For eco-friendly flooring shoppers, stone and tiles are solid choices.

3 Great Eco-Friendly Flooring Options For Your Home

Laminate Flooring

laminate is a strong flooring option for those who want to make an eco-friendly flooring decision while on a budget. With a base layer made of wood by-products and glue, laminate comes from recycled materials. The top layer of laminate comes from embossed paper, and the wear layer above it is a thin sheet of plastic. These materials combined make for a flooring option constructed of sustainable resources.

With each passing year, the number of eco-friendly flooring options for your home grows. Whether you select one of the ideas above or decide on another eco-friendly choice, you can’t go wrong. Trust the team at Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc in Winterville, NC to help meet your eco-friendly flooring needs.

Get Creative With Your Floors By Incorporating Patterns

Get Creative With Your Floors By Incorporating Patterns

To avoid monotony in your home interiors, patterns are the perfect additions to bring visual interest, engagement, and creativity to your furnishings and flooring. From creating interesting, patterned flooring layouts to designing with patterned floor tiles, there is a multitude of ways to attain eye-catching surfaces in your favorite rooms! Whether you are looking to achieve a retro-inspired look or an innovative finished floor, our Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc showroom in Winterville NC has all the attractive floor coverings you need to bring your ideas to life. As you explore dazzling options for your home, here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate patterns with your floors:

Get Creative With Your Floors By Incorporating Patterns

Traditional Tiles – As kitchen and bathroom remodels are thriving in the home industry, tile is an ideal material to express your personality with a unique patterned floor. Offering a virtually unlimited array of finishes, shapes, and colors to select from, you can easily design bold looks or sleek, subtle visuals. In a luxurious space, consider an offset tile pattern using square or rectangular natural stone of any size. Chic geometric patterns can uplift monochromatic color schemes while making smaller spaces feel larger. For a fascinating bathroom floor, a penny tile pattern will amaze simply from the intricacy and the sheer number of tiles! Explore contrasting grout colors when using traditional tile for an added pop of interest.

Patterned Tiles – In recent trends, designers and homeowners alike have been turning to the dramatic effect that large-format patterned tiles present! With an often-vintage appeal, patterned bathroom floor tiles are an instant way to lend an engaging feel to a completed design refresh. You are no longer limited to simply ceramic or porcelain options either: Innovative patterned vinyl flooring installs for less time over a variety of subfloors while eliminating the need for grout work.

Get Creative With Your Floors By Incorporating Patterns

Installation Layouts – Even if you decide not to use patterned floor tiles, you can design a plank installation layout that displays pattern within the finished floor. Using hardwood flooring, laminate, or luxury vinyl planks, you can lay out a parquet, diagonal, chevron, herringbone, or another weave to showcase enhanced interest. These classic patterns also add a timeless feel and highlight the work of skilled craftsmen. Although you may need to work with a designer or installation professional to successfully execute these looks, the savvy planning ahead will result in a more expensive-looking finished layout without substantially adding to your project costs.

Creative Carpet – Soft, plush carpeting will also allow you to incorporate patterns in a variety of ways. First, you can choose actual patterned carpet to bring interest and texture, while many of these multi-level loop styles will aid in easy cleanup and preventing wear. Versatile carpet tiles allow you to create eye-catching arrangements by mixing different patterns, tile sizes, and pattern directions without installing wall-to-wall carpet. Similarly, patterned area rugs are often easy on the budget and let you layer your favorite modern or nature-inspired patterns over hard surface flooring with ease.

You can use creative patterns to transform every room in the house from your entryways, living room, and bedrooms, to kitchens and bathrooms. Visit the Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc showroom in Winterville NC and our design experts will help you add extra flair to your stylish floors!

The Best Laminate Flooring Styles For Your Bathroom

It’s no secret that laminate flooring presents an ideal, affordable solution to capturing your favorite realistic hardwood flooring and stone visual in a bathroom remodel! Thanks to the trademark durability, moisture resistance, ease of installation, and ease of maintenance, laminate flooring is not only perfectly suited for bathrooms but can also help you complete your new project in record time. The Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc showroom in Winterville NC in contains a wide selection of the latest fashion-forward laminate options that will match your preferred décor theme. From rustic characteristics to upscale appeal, here are four of the best laminate flooring styles for your bathroom:

The Best Laminate Flooring Styles For Your Bathroom

1. Waterproof Laminate – Laminate products will vary in the level of moisture resistance offered, but you can’t go wrong when remodeling a bathroom with a laminate flooring option that’s certified waterproof! A waterproof laminate option will be able to handle humidity from showers, drip-drops on the floor, and even standing water if a small puddle forms. If you are remodeling a bathroom in your basement, a waterproof laminate that is certified for below-grade installation will handle the conditions that this particularly tricky area will experience with ease.

2. Wide Plank/Large Format Laminate – When it comes to creating realistic hardwood and stone finished floors, wide plank laminate and large format laminate will help you achieve your favorite look effectively. With realistic tones and textures, these larger sizes showcase even more of the authentic characteristics you cherish the most. You can select from a vast array of species and visuals offered in the largest dimensions and widest widths to capture natural beauty like genuine materials. Also, these bigger pieces will give your bathroom a more luxurious, spa-like feel!

The Best Laminate Flooring Styles For Your Bathroom

3. Floating Floor Laminate – If you are looking to get your property market-ready quickly or have a busy household that you want to displace for the least amount of time possible, laminate flooring that offers floating floor installation is for you. Thanks to innovative locking technology, many laminate options provide you with this floating floor capability. Not only will your new bathroom floor go down quickly and without adhesive or nails, but you won’t have the time-consuming tasks of pulling up old floors and disposing of the waste. If one of your planks or tiles ever gets damaged, laminate flooring will be much easier and cheaper to repair.

4. Pet-Friendly Laminate – Laminate flooring has always been prized as a tough, durable alternative to genuine hardwood and can actually be a better fit for an active home with pets! Whereas softer hardwood species can be more susceptible to scratches from pet claws and nails, certified pet-friendly laminate options can offer scratch-resistant aluminum oxide finishes and a complete pet warranty for guaranteed protection. If you are choosing flooring for a kid’s bathroom, a pet-friendly laminate option will serve your active little ones in the same way! Consider choosing a wood-look laminate with distinctive knots and grain patterns as these gorgeous surfaces can double as camouflage against small scratches and nicks.

The Best Laminate Flooring Styles For Your Bathroom

Are you ready to transform your bathroom with a fantastic laminate flooring style? It’s time to visit our Elite Flooring and Interiors Inclaminate experts in WintervilleNC showroom and begin planning and budgeting for your ultimate design vision!