Find Your Best Carpet Color

Find Your Best Carpet Color

When you are ready to remodel or bring a fresh look to a familiar living space, installing soft carpeting may be a major part of your vision! However, the excitement of designing your new favorite layout will lead to a vital project decision: What is the perfect carpet shade to pick out from the seemingly unlimited array of gorgeous possible carpet colors? While the ultimate carpet decision lies within your personal preferences and tastes, here are some valuable tips from the Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc carpet experts to find your best carpet color!

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Design Considerations

What mood do you want to achieve in the rooms receiving new carpet, and how do you want the home to flow from one room to another? How will your new carpet look with the colors of the walls and furniture? These are thoughtful questions to answer as your start your carpet color decision-making. An excellent first step is to pick colors for the other significant design elements in a room, such as a sofa, that won’t have as many color options. Since your new carpet will present many color choices, it will be easier to choose the carpet color to match the furniture than choose furniture to match the carpet color.

Neutral carpet colors are always a recommended starting point over trending bold or bright colors. Although bright and bold colors can grab attention when walking into a room, they can potentially overwhelm the overall room design and tun the risk of aging poorly over time. Since neutral colors are easier to design around, and if you decide to make color or theme changes in your room later, a neutral carpet color will work with a wider range of paint and furniture colors over a longer period of time.

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Natural Light

You always want to consider the amount of natural light that each room receives when making a major color decision. For instance, a lighter color carpet will help brighten a darker space that doesn’t receive ample natural light. Another point to consider is that if the natural or electrical lighting is different from room to room, an identical carpet color may not look the same in each room. That makes it imperative to bring home carpet samples of your leading choices to accurately gauge how they will appear in your home. Also, it’s important to remember that if a room receives more sunlight during the day, darker carpet colors can show fading quicker if exposed to heavy amounts of sun rays.

Activity Level

If you have an active home with high-energy little ones and pets, darker carpet colors can work well for high traffic areas because they don’t show wear as much or as soon as light colors. Bold dark and light colors will show bits of dirt, debris, and fur more than colors closer to a neutral palette. Dark colors do hide stains better than light colors but won’t hide pet hair or dust as successfully. Another excellent carpet option for high activity areas is a Berber style carpet with multiple flecks of colors different from the carpet’s base color that can hide dirt better between cleanings.

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Get Samples

As we mentioned earlier, once you have narrowed down your carpet color choices to one or a few favorites, ask for a large carpet sample to bring home! Test your favorite samples against the existing colors or a paint sample in the rooms that will receive new carpet. It is essential to do this step in your home’s lighting and not rely on the lighting in a showroom to eliminate surprises and avoid costly re-do’s!

Choosing the color of your carpet may initially seem like a challenging step, but it will ultimately help you craft the perfect vibe in your home for years of enjoyment. Make sure to bring any questions to the Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc carpet experts waiting at the Winterville, NC showroom, and gather the carpet samples you need to make the best choice for your floors!

How to Clean Porcelain Tile

How to Clean Porcelain Tile

Classic, durable, and available in an extensive range of gorgeous shades, shapes, and sizes, Porcelain tile is also moisture-resistant and an exceptionally easy surface to care for. When it comes time to restore the pristine shine of your porcelain tile, you’ll how quick and efficient the cleaning process is! Whether for kitchens, bathrooms, or countertops, here are a few valuable tips on how to clean porcelain tile.

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Porcelain Tile Types

Before you gather your cleaning supplies to make your porcelain tile surfaces gleam, make sure to recognize what specific type of porcelain tile you will be cleaning and what it requires. Porcelain tile has a smooth finish and comes in either glazed or unglazed varieties. Glazed porcelain tile has had a color finish applied to the tile surface, while Unglazed porcelain tile has the color embedded throughout the actual tile. Since unglazed porcelain tile can also be polished or unpolished, you will have additional considerations with this tile type.

Removing Dirt & Dust

Before thoroughly cleaning any tile type, it is essential to remove loose dirt and dust. This step can be as simple as sweeping the tile or using a vacuum with a brush attachment. Try to complete this step weekly to ensure that no particles remain on the surface and further protect the attractive tile finish.

Cleaning Glazed or Polished Porcelain Tile

To clean your glazed or polished porcelain tile, it’s best to use a dry dust mop instead of a broom to sweep the surface. Mop your tile floor with a mild cleaning solution, either a simple water and vinegar solution or a commercial tile cleaner diluted to half strength. Use a soft bristle brush to loosen and scrub any stains. Rinse the porcelain tile floor to remove the cleaning solution by thoroughly mopping again and then dry carefully with a clean towel or microfiber cloth to avoid water spots.

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Cleaning Unglazed or Unpolished Porcelain Tile

Mop your unglazed or unpolished tile floor with either a vinegar-and-water mixture or a commercial cleanser and allow it to sit on the floor for five to ten minutes before scrubbing. Break up the entire surface into two to four-foot areas and clean a section at a time. Scrub stains with a soft bristle brush and rinse off the cleaning solution using a mop or a wet vacuum. Wipe the tile dry with a clean towel or microfiber cloth to finish up.

Cleaning Grout Lines

Just as important as cleaning the porcelain tiles is cleaning the grout lines between the tiles. You can clean the grout lines with a half-and-half mixture of baking soda and water or a commercially available cleaner. Use a gentle cleanser to start with and test it first in a less noticeable location.

Protecting Porcelain Tile & Grout

To protect your porcelain floor’s surface and appearance, follow these key additional cleaning considerations:

Avoid cleaning products that contain ammonia, bleach, oil, or any acid.

Do not use any cleaning solutions that have colors or dyes, especially with unglazed porcelain tile.
Do not allow the cleaning solution to dry without rinsing it off.

Avoid using stiff bristle brushes or steel wool when cleaning tile or grout.

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Regular care of your porcelain tile can help make each cleaning a more manageable task with less scrubbing. Porcelain tile will give you a durable and attractive floor for many years, and knowing how to clean porcelain tile properly will keep your surface in premium condition. Ask our Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc experts any porcelain tile questions you have, and enjoy your striking floors for decades!

Why Spring is the Best Time to Get New Flooring

Why Spring is the Best Time to Get New Flooring

With sunny days upon us and the chilly winter months behind us, many homeowners are taking a moment to spring clean and get the home in order. If you’ve been eying a design refresh or room remodel, now may also be the perfect season to complete your project since it’s prime time for new flooring. Did you know that spring and fall allow the fastest, most complete flooring acclimation with the least risk of problems? Since homes are not likely to experience extreme humidity during the spring, we can help you take advantage of this time with the wide-ranging styles found in our Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc showroom. Here are a few key reasons why spring is the best time to get new flooring.

Humidity & Temperature

It is immensely important that new flooring becomes acclimated to the indoor environment it is being installed in, and this is especially imperative for hardwood flooring, but significant for and luxury vinyl planks as well. Springtime presents ideal outdoor temperatures and humidity levels that will allow planks to adjust to the weather with minimal change. If humidity levels are too low, planks can dry out, shrink, crack, and pull apart. If humidity levels are higher than normal, planks will absorb moisture and swell. Putting down new floors in premium spring conditions will ensure proper installation with faster acclimation.

Open Doors

Many homeowners don’t realize just how many doors in the house will need to remain open during new flooring installation. Whether it’s old flooring leaving the house, new flooring coming inside, or gathering tools and supplies for installation, professionals will be going back and forth frequently. During the summer, you wouldn’t dare leave the door open and lose vital cool air from the AC inside! Use the dreamy spring temperatures in your favor and have your doors open for new flooring when it’s comfortable to do so.

Natural Light

You can also utilize sunny spring rays to accurately gauge how different flooring options will appear in a specific room. If the room or rooms receiving new flooring feature large windows or receive ample natural light, you will want to bring in flooring samples to get a true look at the color, design, and texture of your favorite styles. Sunlight in winter and fall is typically not as full as the sunshine we receive in the spring and summer, so use the vibrant season to decide if the look you loved online is the best fit in your residence.

Ventilation & Fresh Air

New flooring installation will bring fumes, odors, as well as dust, and you will want all of the above out of your home as urgently as possible. In order to mitigate the off-gassing of new flooring, as well as the fumes of adhesive removers, stains, and sealers, you will need to create proper ventilation by opening doors and windows. For the first 72 hours after the new flooring installation, you will want to let in as much fresh air as you can. Luckily, the new plants that grow in spring act as natural air purifiers, and the temperatures are most ideal for opening up the house.

For complete acclimation of your new floors and fewer issues during installation, consider the spring months for putting your new floors down. Come visit our Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc showroom in Winterville, NC, and our flooring experts will help you use the low humidity and pleasant temperatures for the smoothest installation process possible!

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Why Grey is all the Rage

Why Grey is all the Rage

When many homeowners think of popular shades of beautiful hardwood flooring, traditional brown, honey browns, and rich, red-toned browns will immediately come to mind. These familiar warm varieties will certainly deliver inherent natural beauty but may not fit the modern or contemporary design scheme you have in mind. Inside our Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc showroom, we’ve seen more and more shoppers inquire about grey wood flooring and predict the popularity of this neutral tone will continue to grow. Here are a few of the reasons why grey is all the rage.

Neutral Backdrop

Similar to the use of grey in fashion, grey wood floors provide a neutral backdrop that’s perfect for decorating and easy to match. The color grey is cool, calming, sleek, chic, and stabilizing. Since grey does not jump out visually, it will enhance the feel of the other colors within a design scheme. The wide-ranging palette of grey hues produces hardwood floors from bleached driftwood look to deep graphite, and will support virtually any bold, bright color within a finished room.

The Rise of Griege

Speaking of grey color variations, the rise of ‘griege’ wood flooring has provided even more in-demand looks to choose from. This combination of brown or beige blended with grey creates a unique neutral floor with added depth and color. Griege floors will pair with home décor as seamlessly as standard grey but will pull out warmer tones in the room while still providing a contrast with bolder colors. If you design a minimalistic room layout, griege can subtly add brightness without feeling out of place.

Universal Decor

When it comes to following a specific design scheme, grey floors can be used as the foundation for almost any look. We’ve already mentioned modern, contemporary, and minimalism, but grey floors will also anchor industrial, rustic, farmhouse, traditional design, and more. To better fine-tune the universal appeal of grey to a specific décor, you can focus on the texture, character, and design of the flooring that best matches the design style. The versatility of grey cannot be overstated!

Difference Maker

Within your home, grey floors can make a major difference from maintenance to perception. For starters, grey floors will show less dust than medium to dark brown wood floors, making it easier to maintain their attractive appearance. You can use light grey floors to make rooms feel airy and expansive, perfect for enhancing an open floorplan. Conversely, darker grey floors will help make spaces feel more intimate. Looking to create dramatic contrast? Consider using a dark grey floor to contrast bright furnishings or light-colored walls.

In addition to grey-toned hardwood, we have plenty of laminate and luxury vinyl options that showcase this valuable color within our Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc showroom in Winterville, NC. Let our experts show you how the right shade of grey can take your rooms to the next level of chic!

5 Kitchen Backsplashes for Retro Flair

5 Kitchen Backsplashes for Retro Flair

When it comes to cooking up delicious family meals, it’s always appropriate to honor our favorite traditions and recipes in our inspired culinary spaces. These days nostalgia is at an all-time high, and our kitchens are the perfect room to capture some of that classic feel! If you have a timeless design vision in mind for your kitchen, the backsplash is a unique surface that allows you to enhance visual impact within the overall layout. Our Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc showroom has the products to help you create a backsplash that delivers charm from decades past in a modern setting. Here are 5 kitchen backsplash ideas for achieving retro flair.

Geometric Tile Backsplashes

The first option for a retro backsplash, and probably the one that immediately comes to mind, is geometric-shaped tile of any material. Whether you design with porcelain tile, ceramic tile, glass tile, or stone, a 60s-inspired hexagonal shape will certainly produce a retro vibe. You can match the material and finish to the rest of your modern kitchen for a seamless fit with a familiar touch.

Subway Tile Backsplash

A classic choice for a kitchen backsplash, subway tile provides a versatile backsplash that will help you achieve a retro feel. A white subway tile backsplash will lend subtle interest while a black subway tile with contrasting grout will pop when combined with white cabinetry for rustic farmhouse appeal. Stone subway tile such as a marble variety will feature luxurious veining for a fashion-forward backsplash.

Penny Tile Backsplash

We also love the groovy look that round penny tile creates with a contrasting grout color to make your retro backsplash pop. From black-and-white patterns to artistic installations full of color, a porcelain penny tile backsplash will also help keep your kitchen easy to clean after the occasional spatter. Choose the gloss or matte finish that suits your kitchen the best, and your backsplash will deliver nostalgia with a contemporary twist.

Patterned Tile Backsplash

From walls, floors, and of course kitchen backsplashes, decorative patterned tile offers a stylish way to capture a visual similar to a retro wallpaper. Designers use the dramatic effect that large-format patterned tiles present to help rooms avoid monotony and inspire creativity. Not only does patterned ceramic tile add an engaging feel, but it also provides a durable, low-maintenance backsplash that looks cleaner for longer!

Creative Backsplash Layouts

In addition to trademark shapes and eye-catching patterns, creative backsplash installations will deliver a premium vintage aura. Backsplash installations designed using chevron, herringbone, parquet, and other iconic layouts will bring a kitchen to life while recalling the work of skilled artisans. Nearly any material you can choose will look more vintage when you install them with a creative patterned layout.

You can use a retro kitchen backsplash to create a striking modern focal point that still recalls your favorite restaurant or café. Stop by the Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc showroom in Winterville, NC, and our experts will help you explore the colors, textures, and materials that will complete your sentimental design statement.

Trends in Hardwood Patterns

Trends in Hardwood Patterns

Our favorite gorgeous hardwood floors are classic, durable, and offer stunning natural beauty. When you use a chic patterned layout for the actual planks, you’ve got the recipe for a floor that will create an unforgettable room with high visual interest. So which layout patterns are on-trend right now, and what hardwood designs look best in a traditional home, a transitional home, or one with a more contemporary vibe? We have all the attractive styles and species in our Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc showroom that you need to capture these trends in hardwood patterns:

Diagonal Stripe – For this visually-captivating layout, the hardwood planks are installed from the corners as opposed to installing the flooring straight along the wall. A diagonal stripe is great for small rooms since it creates the illusion of a broader, more open space. If you are interested in this layout design, it can increase material and labor costs since it requires more material to be cut to size. The diagonal stripe design is a good fit for any home, from traditional to contemporary.

Herringbone – The herringbone plank pattern is created from vertical rows of slanting lines meeting at a 90-degree angle, forming either a V or an inverted V. This hardwood layout is especially striking when seeing the contrasts of wood colors, grains, and textures laid out side by side. Herringbone is a beautiful flooring design for a traditional or transitional home and will depend on the pattern and room size to ensure that it’s an appropriate fit.

Chevron – Like the herringbone design, the popular chevron pattern relies on adjoining vertical rows of slanting wood. However, in the chevron design, each piece joins at a 45-degree angle. Again, the contrasts in color, texture, and grain will give the finished floors plenty of exciting flair. The chevron design is timeless and can hold its own in a home with any décor.

Wider, Longer Planks – Traditionally, hardwood flooring was available in shorter, thinner planks. If you’re looking for a bold look to your wood floors, longer, wider planks are the way to go! Not only do they make your room look larger, but they also make it look more inviting. Manufacturers have been making larger plank formats to answer this trend’s call over the past few years. Wider, longer plank hardwood flooring has a casual, open appeal that particularly suits transitional and contemporary homes.

Parquet – Thanks to the popularity of mid-century modern homes, parquet flooring has experienced a resurgence of interest from many homeowners. Parquet is a wood tile created by arranging small pieces of hardwood in repeating patterns. They have a distinctive, retro 3D look and feel. Parquet flooring is an excellent choice for transitional-style homes.

Take some time to consider if one of these hardwood pattern trends is a great fit for your home and bring your ideas to our Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc showroom in Winterville, NC. Our experts are ready to help you narrow your hardwood shopping and assist your journey in any way we can!

Designing the Perfect Sunroom

Designing the Perfect Sunroom

As we do our best to stay toasty and withstand the cold winter weather months, now is the perfect time to prepare for enjoying the warmer spring and summer months to the fullest. A sunroom is a perfect space in the home to relax, unwind, and find tranquility with a good book and a glass of wine. You can use a savvy flooring selection to bring in an undeniable connection to nature and our Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc showroom has the options that will complete this space with comfort and performance. Here are a few of our keys to designing the perfect sunroom.

Surfaces that Shine

Your sunroom is named as such for the large windows that let in an ample amount of sunrays for a room full of natural radiance. To play off this feature, lighter colored flooring options will make a sunroom feel brighter and more spacious. Consider light, airy hardwood species like oak as well as realistic laminate and LVT visuals, with brushed texture and matte finish for effortless, natural luxury. White, cream, beige, and greige stone and low-gloss tile flooring will also help illuminate your sunroom in the same fashion.

Natural Materials

We instantly feel closer to the great outdoors when we spend time in our sunroom, so it’s wise to foster this vibe with the flooring materials we choose. A wood-look visual full of texture or stone visual with striations and veining will pair perfectly with plants and other furnishings made of natural materials. Wicker, rattan, and woven furniture are not only trending this year, they are perfect pieces for sunroom serenity. For your textiles and pillows, sustainable materials like organic cotton and low-impact linen will complete the natural, reassuring aesthetic.

Vertical Gardens

Plants will enhance your sunroom in a multitude of ways: providing fresh air, lush color, and amazing fragrances, reducing carbon dioxide, and acting as natural humidifiers. In addition to adding larger potted plants and smaller table plants, we love vertical gardens for a luxurious living sunroom layout. A hardwood or LVT plank accent wall will not only add more rich texture to your sunroom but also offer reinforced support for the wall planters that comprise a vertical garden. These striking accent walls provide your sunroom with bold design focal points as well as valuable function.

Pet-Proof Flooring

For many pet owners, your favorite furry friends can often be found lounging indoors in the areas that receive warm sunshine. If you foresee your pets relaxing primarily in the sunroom, you may want to investigate flooring with superior water-resistance and scratch-resistance. This is especially a sound investment if your sunroom features the most commonly used entrance to the pool, patio, or backyard. If you aim to relax, you don’t want to worry about tracked-in dirt, mud, outdoor elements, spills, or wear-and-tear from claws. Engineered hardwood may strike the perfect balance of style, durability, and moisture resistance for your sunroom.

A thoughtfully designed sunroom helps you to truly maximize the space in your home and can completely transform the way that your family relaxes indoors. Visit our Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc showroom in Winterville, NC—our flooring experts are ready to help you craft your new favorite room!

Exploring the Whitewashed Look

Exploring the Whitewashed Look

If you are one of the many fans of ‘farmhouse chic’ or ‘rustic vogue’ design principles, then you have probably come across the eye-catching whitewashed look on Pinterest, interior design blogs, or home trend magazines. Mixing white paint and water, a thinner, semi-transparent paint is created and used on wood, brick, and other smooth surfaces for distressed texture that’s equal parts vintage and modern. This chic effect is simultaneously relaxed and luxurious while still allowing the natural material to show through. Make sure to visit the Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc showroom and our experts can help you in exploring the popular whitewashed looks outlined here.

Whitewashed Wood

For starters, whitewashed wood walls and surfaces immediately lend themselves to rustic, farmhouse, and traditional interiors. Extremely versatile to design against and instantly brightening any space, you can literally achieve a wide range of room feels from laid-back to upscale. When medium to dark hardwood flooring or wood-look laminate and LVT is paired with whitewashed walls, you get perfect foundational contrast, and your furnishings will then determine the level of opulence or cozy charm you desire. If you are pursuing an accent wall as a transition or design focal point in your home, consider if a whitewashed wood-look accent wall could add transformative elegance to the area in question.

Balancing Whitewashed Brick

White-painted brick is also thriving within the farmhouse style and will also elevate a relaxed interior into a chic space. Whether white-washed with the original brick tones peeking through or painted over completely for a monochromatic look, brick pairs effortlessly with rustic wood, stone, and tile flooring options. A white-washed brick chimney becomes an elegant design focal point that pops next to exposed beams and rich wood floors. You can even explore darker charcoal tones for a modern farmhouse wooden floor to anchor white brick walls, or a white and black checkerboard vinyl floor to match a white brick kitchen backsplash.

Rich Color Pairing

Whitewashed technique often leaves flecks of color shining through or simply creates a bright, neutral platform that begs for bold color pairings and accents. You can easily add rich pops of color and pattern with area rugs and other standout furnishings. Throughout 2021, the use of deep, timeless shades like greens and burnt orange will bring warmth to inspired rooms. Perhaps you can find a way to incorporate Illuminating (13-0647), one of Pantone’s 2021 Colors of the Year, a vibrant yellow that will work well in accent pillows, vases, ottomans, or another piece of décor, and will play off whitewashed walls effortlessly.

Shabby Chic & Beachside Cool

Two of the most prominent design principles of 2021 will be shabby chic and coastal interiors. Whitewashed surfaces and furnishings work exceptionally well within both design schemes that highlight lived-in comfort and time-honored furnishings. In both of these looks, the color turquoise and other blue tones will come alive against the white and lend cool, tranquil vibes throughout. Think about high-character medium wood tones for the floors, mosaic tile inside the kitchens and bathrooms, and woven rugs anywhere you want added texture and softness.

Are you interested in exploring the whitewashed technique in your home for an elevated design refresh? Stop by the Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc showroom in Winterville, NC and our experts will help you brainstorm how to pair surfaces and accent walls utilizing this unmistakable look!

How to Use Natural Stone in the Kitchen

How to Use Natural Stone in the Kitchen

For a luxurious connection to nature, a striking culinary space designed with natural stone tile will give your home an inspired, high-end feel with unforgettable impact. Of course, stone kitchen floors will dazzle your guests, whether you opt for slate, marble, travertine, sandstone, or granite. But have you thought about other ways that you can craft an elegant kitchen with stone, such as using your favorite style for walls and mosaics? At Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc, we have a wide range of amazing stone products at our showroom in Winterville, NC that will help you design to the nines. These are some of our favorite ideas on how to use natural stone in the kitchen.

Beautiful Backsplashes

Kitchen Backsplash

Just like how designers and homeowners use ceramic tile to create unique kitchen backsplashes and dramatic impact, natural stone can give you a similar design capability with equally exceptional results. Natural stone offers veining and striations that effortlessly broadcast sophistication. You can consider extending the same stone option that you use to create exquisite countertops for an overall look that is nothing short of breathtaking.

Wondrous Walls

Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Taking the extended backsplash concept one step further, you can essentially create a full-height natural stone backsplash that covers the entire wall for an opulence not out of place inside your favorite upscale restaurant or bar. Marble and quartzite are especially great options for this effect since they have ample movement and color. In addition to the undeniable elegance, this architectural magazine-worthy look creates seamlessness that in short, simply looks expensive!

Stunning Combinations

You do not necessarily have to use the same attractive stone variety for the kitchen backsplash that you selected for your countertops. The key is to find a balance between the two stone elements that complements all of the many kitchen surfaces, without overwhelming the space or creating too many design focal points. A muted countertop will set the stage for a pop of color, finish, and veining from your stone backsplash. Conversely, a stone countertop full of personality will call for a more subtle backsplash that does not create a busy overall appearance.

Creativity Unleashed

Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash

Using natural stone for a backsplash doesn’t equate to “typical” or “standard” design: you can also use stone to create unique patterns, mosaics, and other geometric shapes just like with tile! The shape, color, size, and arrangement of the stone you use are completely up to your whims. Many homeowners also love using stone mosaics since they often utilize multiple shades and hip shapes on larger sheets that are easier to install. Although mosaics reduce the amount of time needed to install, it is wise to work with a professional who has the expertise and tools to help you complete your creative design if your experience is limited or nonexistent!

A new backsplash can completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen, and natural stone is durable, attractive, and can help you achieve any desired design scheme. Visit Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc showroom in Winterville, NC and our stone experts can help you investigate a wide variety of gorgeous colors and varieties that will complete your dream kitchen.

How is Laminate Flooring Made?

How is Laminate Flooring Made?

The striking visuals and gorgeous textures of laminate flooring have never been more popular! Our shoppers love how easy laminate is to maintain, the valuable price point this durable surface offers, and the many options available inside the showroom at Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc in Winterville, NC. The number one question that we receive when it comes to laminate flooring: How is it made?

Laminate flooring is a manufactured flooring product designed to mimic authentic hardwood flooring as well as stunning natural stone and ceramic tile. Although each manufacturer will have varying production methods, today’s laminate flooring is usually engineered using sustainable and eco-friendly methods! There are four essential layers in laminate flooring.

Backing layer

The backing layer balances or stabilizes the flooring, resists moisture, and is usually made of plastic, paper, or melamine.

Substrate layer

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or high-density fiberboard (HDF) makes up the sturdy core layer of laminate flooring. Wood chip fiberboard is mixed with resin and adhesives and compressed to create both MDF and HDF. Usually, these are recycled products. The substrate is sometimes called the core layer.

Pattern layer

A photographic or decorative image or pattern (of realistic wood grain, for example) is overlaid on top of the substrate and glued down to create a realistic appearance on the fiberboard. Many of today’s laminate products have such advanced printing technology that when the flooring is laid out and installed properly, the finished floor will have no repeating visuals throughout the entire surface!

Wear layer

This extremely important layer protects the image and substrate from moisture and other potential damage. The wear layer is usually made from an aluminum oxide clear coat and can range from low to high gloss, according to your preference. Built for activity and foot traffic, the wear layer withstands the tough impact of day-to-day life including children, pets, unexpected spills, and scratches. The thickness of the wear layer ranges from 6, 12, to 20 mils, and the thicker the layer, the stronger the wear layer.

These four layers are compressed and fused at high heat. Available in 7-millimeter to 12-millimeter thicknesses, the thicker the planks, the sturdier the laminate flooring. Take note that some manufacturers include all the plank layers, not just the substrate, in the thickness measurement. Plank width will usually run from less than 5 inches to 7 inches or more.

Laminate flooring carries an Abrasion Criteria (AC) rating, which measures wear resistance on a scale from 1 to 5. The lowest, AC 1, is designed for rooms in the home receiving little foot traffic. The highest rating, AC 5, is designed to withstand even heavy commercial traffic. Most residential laminate products will fall within the AC 3 and AC 4 range.

Versatile, reliable, and stylish, laminate flooring is a terrific product for any home, especially for an active household or a quick design remodel. If you have questions about whether it’s the right choice for you, come visit Elite Flooring and Interiors Inc in Winterville, NC! Our laminate experts are ready to help you explore the perfect options for your inspired interiors.